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    Black screen, read forever screen, nothing else

      I have had my tablet for 1 1/2 years.  No problems.  I have read 60 plus books and enjoy it immensely.  Two days ago I went to read a bit before bedtime and the screen was black and unresponsive.  I presumed it needed charging and plugged it up.  Last night I retrieved it, turned it on and it went to the nook logo with read forever underneath.  I turner it off and tried turning it on again.  same result.  I plugged back in and decided to deal with it today.


      I came to this site and read several other similar choices and tried the on plus nook button approach without luck.  In fact I got a screen that told me to go to the B&N store for assistance.


      Also, I cannot access any Nook for PC books either.  I had not accessed nook for PC recently so I synched and updated everything but that didn't help either.  I got a "cannot download, error 1016" or something like that.


      any suggestions?  I'll check back later tonight and then tomorrow.  Thank you