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    Read In Store timed-out not Resetting Problem

      Looking for suggestions how to reset Read In Store feature.


      Nook Color user visiting local store every week or so and had no issues with Read In Store until the last 6 to 7 weeks.      In the last 6 weeks, if I try to use the Read In Store feature on any book that I had started with the Read In Store in the previous 6 weeks, the network will not allow me to continue to read that book.    I immediately get message that the read in store hour has ended for today.  If I pick a different book that I have not started in the last 6 weeks, the Read In Store option is available for the full hour. 


      I have not tried to go to different store to see if the Read In Store option is available for one of the books I had recently started.     Any suggestions on how to get this issue resolved?