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    Blue tooth headset with Nook HD...what works??

      I have a Nook HD and have been unsucessfull in connecting a blue tooth headset...is there a mfg and model that works???


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          I have the Nook HD and Plantronics Voyager Pro HD headset. I finally got them connected and am able to listen to audio from the Nook. 


          1. I followed the directions in the Nook User Guide to turn on the Bluetooth/Wireless. The Nook still wouldn't find my device so then...


          2. I downloaded the Voyager Pro user guide from Plantronics and followed the instructions for connecting to a second phone.


          [Pair New or Second Phone: Turn on headset. Press Power button until the LED flashes red/blue...Select “PLT_VoyagerPro” from the list of Bluetooth devices shown on your phone.]


          The Nook paired with my device and showed the Bluetooth symbol [in gray] on the Status Bar at the to of the Nook screen. But I still couldn't get it to work for listening to audio files so then...


          3. I went back to the Nook settings/All Settings/Wireless & Bluetooth. It showed



          Bluetooth   ON

          'Scanning' or 'Devices unavailable'

          [my device]

               'Find other devices'.


          I chose 'Find other devices'.


          4. There it showed


          'Bluetooth -  'On''

          'Only visible to paired devices' or 'Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices'

          [my device] with a 'Gear/Settings' symbol next to it.


          5. I selected the 'Gear/Settings' symbol shown next to my device and it listed



          [my device]






          Media audio [it will have an empty box or a check mark in a blue box.]


          Select the box until you get a check mark in a blue box and it should say 'Connected to media audio'.


          I think mine already had a check mark/blue box but I selected it anyway and then it worked. The Bluetooth symbol on the Nook Status Bar at top of screen should turn from gray to blue color.


          I think you have to repeat step 5 any time the Bluetooth symbol in the Nook Status Bar [top of screen] shows gray instead of blue but I have only had this Nook for 1 day so I'm still testing it.


          I'm guessing the same steps would work for other headsets. Hope that helps, folks!

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            Amazing and thank you. Your suggestion worked for my Nvwa 200.  It does take several steps. From.settings turn Bluetooth on. Touch Bluetooth and on the new screen check make visible to other devices. Go back to the previous page select other devices. The 200 shows immediately. Touch to select and it pairs.


            Now I gone around and around trying to pair my 200 with my HD+.  The 200 connected effortlessly with my LG L39C cell phone. It may have helped that I connected the 200 to my cell and forgot about the Nook for a few days.  I had even ordered another headset (which I will want because the 200 only has a range of 3 feet). Anyway, everything set for a few days with headset conncted to cell phone until I read your post.  Also, to reset my headset I had to hold the button a long long long time to put it in reset mode.  


            All is good.  You made another person happy today!