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    Does it hurt your eyes?

      I have a first generation kobo ereader e/ eink that recently broke. I've been looking for replacement and have heard nothing but good things about the nook color. I'm just wondering if it hurts your eyes? I have only ever had experience with eink.

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          I have had my Nook Color for 2 years and I'm a heavy reader. I have never experienced eye strain, tiredness or pain. I have found that with the adjustments you can make in the text menu that it is easy to find a back ground and text color that will suit you the best. I also love the fact that being back lit you can read in any kind of light. When outside in th sun you will have glare issues but you can use the text setting "night" and your background is black with white lettering and that does help. I love my NC and recommend it wholeheartedly.
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            Any lcd screen bothers some people, especially if interlaced. It appears to interfere with the blink reflex and some discomfort from dry eyes is possible. If you use a computer, especially a laptop without problems the color will probably be fine.
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              I've had my NC for a year and a half.  I read for at least an hour every day.  It doesn't cause any issues with eyestrain.  I keep the backlight setting low--it varies according to the ambient light, but I try to have it so that the brightness is about what oone woud have on a paper page. 

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                I think it's an individual thing. I find that if I am using the tablet for anything right before I go to bed I have trouble falling asleep, but if I'm reading on my NST I usually don't. I also don't read on it for long stretches, I do that on my NST also.
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                    It does bother my eyes if I try to use the NC in bright sunlight or if I try to read in the dark. No problems reading inside in a normally or even dimly lit room. I did buy a First Edition to take care of the reading in sunlight and with a clip-on light it works fine in the dark.