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    complaint about the sample sizes

      Okay I don't understand the Sample size choice, and I'm assuming it's the publisher that makes this descision. But there are books and have a reasonable 15 pages granted to you so you can at least see if you like the writing style. Then there have been a few generous ones that have given away 50 pages. But then and I find most to be like this that give away 4 or 5 pages, and what kills me is the pages given away are the copyright, table of contents, and dedication page, and of course the covers. Why on earth are they wasting the sample on these pages? Out of principle if the the sample doesn't show me any of the first chapter I've refused to buy the book.


      In fact I don't see why they don't always give away a generous chunk most of the time in the store you pick up the book sit in a corner and read until you feel the book gets you hooked. Even the generous books that give away 50 pages, it's not like I'm going to feel like I got away with reading the the book for free, If I read the first 50 I really want the rest of it. So who ever makes these descisions please start rethinking sample sizes!

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          I also have refused to buy books wth skimpy samples.  One sample I looked at recently was 15 pages, 7 of which were cover, title page, table of contents, dedication, ect.  Then the actual first chapter sample ended mid-sentence.


          Needless to say, very disappointing.  I was so discouraged; I deleted the sample immediately.  Eight pages was not enough for me to get hooked. The only positive I had about that book was luckily, there was no prologue.  If a prologue had been present, I wouldn't have even seen part of the first chapter.

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            The last sample I downloaded only included the cover, contents, acknowledgments and dedication pages.  There was nothing to read to give me a flavor for the book.  By contrast, I downloaded the same book for the Kindle (yes, I have both for now) and they gave me the first four chapters along with everything B&N included in their sample.  Every sample I have downloaded from Amazon has provided at least the first two chapters and often the third or fourth.  That's a sample.  Giving you only the table of contents and acknowledgements pages is not a sample.  


            As long as B&N continue to give samples like this I won't buy the books.  Frankly, with their higher prices and no sample policy  I'm leaning strongly toward keeping the Kindle and letting the Nook go, although I really like the Nook as a device much better.  It's just that what is behind the Nook is the problem.  

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                I wish their files were compatible, so I can buy from either. But I'm surprised BN had a smaller sample than amazon, amazon must have some sort of policy they push on the publisher because it seems to me a publisher descision i've seen books that give a solid 40-50 pages on bn and then of course 5 pages too, so there doesn't seem to be any sample size policy on bn's side.

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                I've just started reading my samples and agree on the size. One had only 2 pages of story after all the copywrite/reviews/etc.


                I do have one question about samples vs full download.. I noticed punctuation errors in several of the samples. Namely, lack of quotation marks indicating someone is speaking.  It's making it difficult to follow.  Is this something specific to the sample or will the full downloaded book contain the same errors? 

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                  I agree --- sample size is too small.  The Title and all else take up the majority of the sample.

                  I had one sample use up 6 pages of comments from other writer's.