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    New Type of B&N Wishlist category + additional wishes

      I would like to float the idea of advocating that B&N set up another type of formal 'wishlist'.  Currently you can make new wishlists, but what I have in mind goes beyond just naming a new wishlist. What I would like to see is an official 'Ebook format wishlist' - here we can select books that are not currently offered as an ebook.


      Now the biggie: should an ebook format become available for any book within this 'ebook format wishlist', the book would automatically transfer to the 'ebook wishlist' and be accessible for review/purchase by the nook in 'shop' mode.


      Having this ability would really save a lot of time going through and rechecking wishlisted books to see if they are available yet in ebook format. This would also clearly identify for B&N what folks are interested in reading as an ebook.


      And as long as I am throwing out wishes, if I do end up purchasing a paperback or hardback, AND I am a member of B&N AND there is an ebook format available, I would like to automatically get the digital copy put in my ebook library!!!! Maybe as another perk for longevity as a B&N member, I could get a digital copy of all the paperback and hardback books I have purchased under my membership- if there is an ebook format available! Boy would I keep my B&N membership as gold and I would never buy a book except at B&N!

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          I really like your idea of an ebook format wishlist!! In addition to transferring the title when it becomes available in ebook format, it would be great to have an email or something to let you know too. I'm not sure I would notice it appearing in my nook wishlist otherwise, my list is a bit long. :smileyhappy:



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            I also agree with your idea.....I think it would be great for the people that are in charge of making ebooks and whatnot to have a certain page where we could go and say that we want to see certain books come out in the ebook form because i do have a book i really want to read that is not in ebook form.  It is "The Night Stalker the Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez"

            So I think it would be great to have a wishlist of books people would like to see come out in ebook form!