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    My Nook HD won't charge or turn on!

      I received my nook hd for christmas 2013, so i have had it a little over a month and up until now i've loved it and i havent had any problems! ive tried everything, holding down the power and n button, connecting it to my laptop, and its been about 2 days. i'm extremely frustrated and disappointed because i absolutely love it but now its not working!! someone please help :smileysad:

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          This is a shot in the dark.....but have  you tried charging  it with the supplied power brick? I had this happen to me with my Nook HD after a night of heavy usage of reading & watching video. The battery was very low when I finished, but I failed to plug it in to charge. I put it on the nightstand over night and when I got up the next day, I tried turning it on and couldn't get it to respond at all. I finally remembered the low batter warning from the night before and what was left of the juice probably drained while I slept. I plugged it in, went to work, and when I got home, all was well. Nook fully charged and operational.


          If, after plugging it in for several hours using the power brick you still can't get it to turn on, I would take it to the nearest B&N and let them look at it. Chances are it could be defective and they will replace it since it should still be under warranty.


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            In the instructions the Nook HD will not charge off the computer. It must be connected to a wall charger to charger.
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                Also it HAS to be a 2A plug or it won't charge. Most USB wall chargers are 5v 1A. I plugged mine into a 5v 2A charger and the amber charge light stayed on after briefly displaying the lightning bolt on the screen. I'm crossing my fingers, but this at least is a different response than I got from the 1amp chargers...