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    Payment error - ebook

      Really annoyed at Barnes & Noble today... I bought a ebook in January, my order receipt says it was paid for January 3rd... but I got an email on Saturday (5/21) telling me that B&N forgot to charge me so they're charging it to my account today -- 5 months later? Really? 


      When I called to complain, the rep said "We've been having computer problems. Sorry. But, we know that we did not charge you in January because the computers say so."  


      On top of this.  I received the same email (for a different book) on Thursday -- for a book I never purchased.  When I called on Thursday, they were all "Oops, we sent the email to the wrong customer."


      Really?  Really?  Just needed to rant.




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          Alas, BN.com's computer systems are indeed that flaky. The post-Christmas rush hit their billing system like a steam-roller. There were a lot of complaints from gift-card users whose cards weren't being charged (yet) for their purchases, so they didn't know how much credit they had left on the cards.


          In my opinion, billing is one of the very most important aspects of running a business, so having a robust billing system is crucial. I was, and still am, dumbfounded that BN.com could allow their billing system to be so badly overwhelmed by a predictable post-Christmas sales surge.

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              I got charged the other day for an ebook I ordered in early January as well.

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                  I bought a book at Christmas time as well took almost 5 weeks to deduct. It does seem rather pathetic for a company as large as Barnes and Noble to have such a horrible mess of their receivables. If you own a company that large you should be able to handle that many sales if not to catch up within a few days...5 months is NUTS!


                  As a small business owner my A/R is my #1 priority and my customers are never waiting 5 months for the charge to show up. It happens instantly even during the "busy season"!

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                For some reason, having an explanation makes me feel better.  Having the customer service rep repeatedly say "Sorry" just made me feel angry and powerless.  What I really wanted was an explanation and nothing was forthcoming from the rep.  I am glad that I got one here.  It makes me feel better.  Thank you.