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    DecalGirl skin for NGL


      I got the skin I ordered, nice and fast from DG, overall it was a good experience.


      I messed up on the front panel install, and I plan to contact them tomorrow to take advantadge of their offer of a free replacement + shipping. 


      The back skin went on fairly easily, looks nice and lines up with the edges of the device to where the grey ring meets it. 


      The issue I had with the front screen, I believe, can be traced to the fact that the 'n' button cut out did not properly seperate from the skin, and as a result getting it lined up became an issue and I ended up stretching the skin.


      For those wondering I pushed the skin down on the back of the device so that the 'n' is visable.  It doesn't lay perfectly flat in that 'n', but it's only around the edges.  I do not think it will be an issue. 


      I'd rate the overall experience as a 7.5 / 10.  I may up that to an 8.5 later depending on how the CS is, and how the replacement fron skin panel fits.


      Also, YAY first post as a Bibliophile!  Thank you to all the folks who have kudo'd me!  I think it was Kama's kudo's to me over in the thread about someone thinking BN had removed a book from their library.

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          Thank you Mercury, I have been so busy I forgot to keep checking for the new skins. I always get the matte skin, it cuts down on the glare a bit. If you order by today, there is a code for 20% off. Either VETERAN20 or VETERANS20. Mercury, I'm sure you will find their customer service fantastic.
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            Does the rear decal cover the entire rear panel, or is there a gap?


            As to the 'n' imprint, with other skins, I've been eable to emboss the skin using a fingernail, or other burnishing tool. So long as doing so doesn't distort the skin and it stretches into the depression and sticks, it should look fine.


            Bummer about the front. I tried applying a decalgirl decal to a 10 inch tablet and had the same problem.

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              I'm so happy I saw this post. This is my first time hearing about this company. I usually use gelaskin, but since they seem to be taking their sweet time to come up with skins for the Nook line, I'm going to give this company a try. I already see one for the NGL that I like. Still going through their extensive artwork to find one for my Nook HD, but I might not purchase that one until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, since they said they will be having a deal on them.

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                Congrats on the status change Mercury. I'm looking for a good skin as well. I had a real nice one when I had my Kindle. Hope to find something similar. If someone can provide a link to one, it would be appreciated.