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    Free Westlake book on Copia

      Copia is giving away Donald Westlake's God Save the Mark, which their email says

       won the Edgar Award for best novel of the year. 


      Go to  www.thecopia.com/mystery

      You can read these books on Nooks via side-loading. Set up an account, download their eReader and you'll be able to get the book

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          Has anyone read Westlake?  If so...what is his writing like?  Is there sex and/or vulgarity in the books?

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            I have read some of Donald Westlake's John Dortmunder novels, and they are fun.  I don't remember any significant sex or vulgarity, although, since Dortmunder and his friends are bumbling criminals, I am sure they use some less-than-clean language.  If you like mysteries, it should certainly be worth your while to pick up the free ebook and see if you like Westlake's style; after all, if it turns out not to be to your taste, "delete" is only a few screen-touches away!

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              Thank you for the information.  You are right.  It's worth a try...the price is right!!!

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                The stuff he wrote under this name is usually pretty clean, especially considering they're usually about criminals. Under his own name he mainly released comic crime novels. He had many pseudonyms and some of those books have more objectionable content. (I'm thinking about ones like Alan Marshall.) I've only read the Westlake and Richard Stark books. My favorite book of his is Smoke, and it is also one of favorite books in general.

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                  Great to hear from another Smoke fan. I adore that book. I own almost all of Westlake's titles including the ones written as Richard Stark, Tucker Coe (when you're in the mood for angst), and Samuel Holt (in the mood for a classy mystery.) I hope the giveaway will introduce his amazing and wonderful books to a new batch of readers. Sure, like most fans, the Dortmunder stories are my favorites. When Drowned Hopes came out I read it through and then flipped right back to the beginning and read it again. The stories move so fast it is easy to miss details and really, there isn't a detail I want to miss. Thanks for reminding me. It is probably time to read Smoke again.