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    Should we expect any more new devices?

      I have the original Nook Color which I love. I bought it new 3 years ago and it is going to need to be replaced soon. The Nook HD seems to fill my needs but I was holding off buying one until after the new device announcements.

      Should I hold off a little longer or buy now?

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          It was stated at the press event yesterday that there will be no new color devices released by BN this year.

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            So does that mean there will be another second generation NST? Or is B&N done for the year.

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              At a pricepoint of $149 for a HD+ I think the Nook is the best buy on the market. No it's not a real tablet but it also costs less than the Nexus 10 and it is an excellent device for reading and watching movies and TV. I have had no problems with the Kindle app for those few books that are not available on BN. 


              I recently purchased one for my Father-in-law who has failing eyesight. The Nook allows him to pleasure of being able to read without difficulty.

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                Now that B&N has given up on trying to go it alone outside the Google system, a device with a good quality rear camera is an option, because they can rely on Google's photo tools rather than having Yet Another Catch-up development overhead ~ but by the same time, now that they have given up trying to go it alone outside the Google system, they no longer have any substantial reason to try to design their own full bells and whistles device, they can just pick one, or several, without being limited to those manufacturers willing to live outside the Google system.


                For what they are, the HD and HD+ have knocked off all the rough edges of the original Nook Color. An incremental upgrade with either lighter weight or higher capacity battery, more RAM and faster processor would be an HD2 and HD2+, but the screen of the HD is excellent, and with the screen being the major cost component, sticking with that screen would allow the price to be even lower next year.


                A strategic introduction might be a keyboard cradle for the HD+ with its own supplemental battery and USB ports, in advance of the 2014/15 school year.

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                  While it'd be neat to see what B&N could come up with a 2nd generation of the HD family, I suspect they'd have to sell at a high enough price to put them in the same price range of a lot of more capable 7 inch tablets. B&N has probably learned the lessons of trying to compete on tablet hardware.


                  What I wish they'd do is focus on making their software more robust and featureful for hardcore reading. There is a lot that could be improved, and any improvements would roll out to a lot more non-B&N devices, reaching more customers. A killer B&N reading app running on Kindle Fires would probably drive Amazon nuts.

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                    So, will there be a HD/HD + Nook next year?

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                      Blunty3000 gives 10 reasons why the Nexus 7 lacking a rear facing camera is dumb ~ I expect he'd have a similar view of the Nook.


                      But like I said, there's no longer any reason a Nook branded LCD tablet has to be designed by B&N, so its now straightforward to give the choice in store. It would, indeed, be part of the feature set to justify the higher price point for a new LCD tablet, since the lack of the camera makes the Nook HD/HD+ design the ideal choice to push down into lower price points rather than upfeature.