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    Keywords have been cleared from "My titles" pages!

      Dear pubit technical support,


      I've just noticed two big problems with our "My titles" pages for each book:


      1. The Keywords have all been cleared. I went back to put them in and then saved. All seemed like it was working again at first, but when I went back to check a few hours later, they were gone again. Now it will not take the keywords at all.


      2. Next to the question "Is this book public domain", all of my NO answers have been changed to YES. Again, I went in an fixed this earlier, but now that I have just logged back in, they are all YES again.


      These seem like two very major issues. Please help! I will also send emails to all of the support accounts.


      Thank you,

      Bella Andre



      Game For Love (Bad Boys of Football 3, A Contemporary Erotic Romance)