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    Answer on page numbers

      I got an answer from Pubit tech center on page numbers and whether epub supports Word headers and footers


      First headers and footers: As Doug said, no, Epub and Pubit do not support headers and footers. So info in headers and footers is lost when converted. I will delete H & F before up loading.


      Second page numbers: Pubit and Nook do not support page numbers since the text has to flow and fit depending on font size selected by the reader.


      Sorry guys. This probably seems elementary to those of you experienced in publishing Ebooks. But to those of us who have worked exclusively with agents and acq. Editors in the print industry, little things like page numbers on the submission manuscript are important and not always obvious. Hope this helps another newbie. 

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          Thank you very much as this information was hugely helpful.  In a recent post I wrote that every page of my book read, "Chapter one."  I did not know how to change it and could find no one at B&N/technical to go to for help.  One kind person answered my technical message and asked if mine was a .doc.  It is.  However, when I submitted my .doc initially the manuscript bore no headers or footers.  Not sure why one has shown up.  So, now I will go back to my manuscript, check one more time to  make sure no header/footer exist and upload again and hopefully this will be miraculously fixed.  Is this the correct thing to do?  Gosh, I wish I knew more about the behind the scenes computer logistics.  I am not used to being unable to fix things myself.  Yikes!  Blessings.


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              In the Kindle, anything enclosed in "title" tags at the top of the html file appears on every "page" in the Kindle display; I suspect it's the same in the Nook. It's therefore important to get the title correct. Presumably there is a way to title your document in Word--perhaps by saving it by the full title?