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    Another NC won't connect to my wi-fi thread

      I have spent about 2 hours reading countless threads.  I would have tacked onto one of them but they are often long, convoluted, and specific to particular configuratins.  So...


      NC has connected "fine" (as in "so so") to WAP for about 18 months.  Recently, Comast forced a new device on us that now does the routing, thus eliminating my router in favor of their magic box.  I don't know what brand it is, but it looks like this-- http://20somethingfinance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/comcast-modem-rental-fee1.jpg, which Comcast support identifies as-- Wireless Gateway 1
      (Model numbers TG852G, TG862G, SMCD3DNV, TC8305C) or Wireless Gateway 2 (Model numbers DPC3939, TC8706).


      Since moving to this device, the NC no longer connects correctly.  I did a Forget on the connection, created a new one with the new WPA/WPA2 key.  From there, it will connect and get IP from DHCP, but then I get the warning message on the NC that there is "Limited or no Internet access."  I have rebooted everything.  I have retried Forget and create again.  I have confirmed my WPA key.  I have 12 other devices in the home that ALL connect without issue, ranging from desktops to laptops to tablets to phones to game consoles.  The NC is the ONLY one that won't connect properly.  


      I saw in several threads that people recommend cutting back to 802.11g, but the Comcast router doesn't allow that.  My choices are 802.11b/g/n or to drop the b and just run with g/n.  I've spent WAY more time on this than I should have, and am ready to toss it in the garbage (since I have no return period left, and it's almost certainly not in warranty... assuming a > 18 month warranty... I haven't looked).  Any suggestions?  Or do I have a boat anchor and a disappointed spouse?  I realize the Internet is where you go to only hear the horror stories about products and support... but I'm not seeing much complaining about Kindle products.