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    [HD] Overdrive update and fonts

      Last week my Google Playstore OverDrive app updated.  No biggie, except that when I tried to change the font to Serif, it wouldn't change.  Even Serif Bold lacked serifs.  I prefer serifs when I read. 


      Finally, i uninstalled the app, downloaded the B&N version and got my serifs back.  But not before having to go to the ADE website and reset my ADE password.  what a pain!


      Just curious...have they fixed the GoPS app so that it has serifs now?  i know I'm going to battling it every time the apps sync and it tries to replace the B&N version with the GoPS version.  Eventually i'd like to go back to the GoPS version so that i don't have that battle when syncing, but I'm not going to until someone tells me the serifs are back.


      Thanks for your help!


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          Sorry I can't address your main issue as I rarely use Overdrive ( I have it but don't get library books often)


          However, you can eliminate the update conflict by turning off automatic updating for the specific app in the Play Store.  The only app that gave me this conflict was Pandora.  Even though it was a B&N native app it was showing as installed in Play Store.  When I turned off automatic updating in the app info screen it stopped the conflicting update.

          Hope this helps!

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            Thanks!  I disabled the update function on GoPS.  Would still like to know if they fix the GoPS app...maybe in a few months I'll try it again.