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    WOW! sales taken a nosedive!

      while my amazon sales have stayed constant via the months, my BN sales have suddenly taken a plunge!


      this entire week has just been, a shocker, for lack of a better term.


      anyone else experiencing declining sales? like a HUGE drop down?

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          Read the other posts. Yes! Zilch here!

          Cold Wind in Alaska 


           This book was selling daily. Now one sold one copy in two weeks! Something is definitely amiss.

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            yep, just saw the other posts after I posted this!


            wow! yep, something is def. amiss.


            been on BN for two and a half months, good months, I might add.


            and even this month, April, started off great!


            but this week has just been, whoa! 


            perplexed and astounded!


            did everybody just stop buying books? all of a sudden?

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              My sales on pubit has gone to 1 or 0 for the last three days! Where the previously daily averages were 10-15 sales.


              Is something amiss with their accounting dept? (When this happened before -- in late 2010 -- the problem was eventually solved though.)


              It would be nice if some moderator would check on this....

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                so you're saying this happened before?


                sure relieved to hear that!


                were you guys compensated? were your accounts credited?


                and when it happened before...what exactly was the problem?


                was it an accounting issue? problems with the website?


                I've only been with BN since mid January...so for me, this problem is new.


                I've had numerous other issues here at BN (like not being able to log in to my sales account - GASP!, books taking forever to "process", etc) but they have always been resolved.


                This lack of sales however is new.


                and I would love to know how it was handled.


                I'm going to try and search the archives of this forum to see what happened exactly, late 2010.


                but if anyone has been thru this before, it would help to hear them.


                it's hard to believe that sales would just stop on a dime.


                just like you chris, I had books selling in the tens, daily.


                and now, nada. zilch. kaput.


                here's to hoping it's just a software glitch and everything will be resolved.





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                  It's been worse for me at Amazon, 20 days no sales.


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                    ok...so after spending more than two hours reading the old posts on this forum (posts about "sales"), I have learnt that almost every month, since November, last year, there has been a glitch on the BN pubit system where publishers have had sales "missing" or some kind of sales problem.


                    it also seems like it takes weeks to fix this problem.


                    I guess the only thing to do is just wait it out.


                    it's a pity because my books sell 3 times more here than on the Kindle. per day.


                    so for me, that's huge.


                    I really hope BN can rectify this quick, if it's a glitch.


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                      I agree, April sales started off better than March.

                      I have not had a sale since April 5.

                      I makes no sense to go from several sales a day to none

                      for several days.

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                        My sales are even registering!  I, and my husband, bought my two titles as a 'test' and although we got the sales confirmation - no up tick in the 'My Account' tab.  On Amazon kindle it's an instant uptick for each sale - not sure how long it takes for Pubit! to post sales. Does someone know?

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                          They tell us its about a two to three hour window. Sometimes its almost instantly but most often than not its closer to the three hour mark.



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                            My sales, too, have dropped to almost nothing the past few days.  It's strange.  On weekends I have had really great sales numbers for the past three months.  This weekend it's like 3 books sold.  Very frustrating.




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                              There's already a whole other thread on this from last month. PubIt was way ahead of Kindle for me but now Kindle's clearly in the lead. And even that, I'm afraid, is somewhat down.

                              My own suspicion is that a lot more people bought books as they got used to tablets. Now things are normalizing. Which, sigh, means less sales.

                              But it does seem, yes, that sales are down. Period. No glitch or anything else. Just either less people buying ebooks or, more likely, there are far more ebooks to buy and so sales per book are down.

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                                Yes,.. Sales are still ok, at an everage of 2 to 5 a day. However, compared to my January/Feb/March months that gained about a hundred purchases per month... as soon as April hit, suddenly my sales definitely went on low gear. 

                                I think it has a lot to do with the seasons. Winter makes people want to stay in and read. Warm weather implies a need to get some much needed sun. 






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