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    Calibre Wireless Transfers

      It has been quite some time since any mention of the Calibre Library manager on these forums.  So, thought I would bring up a recent development.  In the recent releases of Calibre you can set up a wireless connection between your computer and a Nook.  You access your library via Wi-Fi with your browser set to the IP address (shown in Calibre) plus a port name usually :8080.  Your entire Calibre library is displayed.  You then can press on the format (for Nooks most of us would us Epub) which causes a download to the Nook.  You can open the book in either the native reader or any other E-Reader App you have.  It is pretty slick because you do not have to connect via the USB port.  The book is actually downloaded to your Nook so you can read it anytime even with no Wi-Fi connection active.

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          I've been using this new app for about a week now, totally cool, and downloading books from my pc to my nook is really fast.  Really nice view of your downloaded library that includes a wide variety of sort features.  Very easy to set up where you want the books to go on your nook, which I never seemed to have much luck with using the usb connection.  For me, it actually seems to work better than using a usb connection.  Great addition to a great program.  I can't say enough about Calibre.