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    Hard to Read an Actual Book!

      I've read only Nook books for the past few months, and now I'm rereading a favorite that is not available as a Nook book in English (The Master and Margarita---incidentally, the Nook version that B&N offers is in Russian). I'm actually finding it hard to read a physical book---I keep wishing that I could make the font size larger and that the "screen" was backlit (I have an HD). Has anyone else had this experience?

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          What is this "book" you speak of?

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            LOL! I thought I was the only one. I have been reading ebooks since 2004 (first on my PDA with Microsoft Reader, then my iPod touch, then Nook).  I simply cannot make myself read a paper book. I start to read and start thinking, it weighs too much, the text is an ugly font, the text is too small, etc.  I have purchased ebook copies of all my favorite books, because I know I won't read them again in paper.

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                To paraphrase a line from Demolition Man "In the early 21st century they used peices of paper with fixed text to read, can you imagine?"


                We've had discussions on the future of books vs ebooks.  While it was certainly a lively debate, I don't think anyone thought books would prevail and last forever as the primary reading method. 

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                I don't think I've actually tried since starting with eBooks (oddly enough) however I have found that I have a much harder time reading a print newspaper (I do read one on my Nook daily).  I think the electronic age has a greater impact on people than they realize. I'm fairly certain my attention span has gone down, a lot probably because we now get our information in little snippets of news on the internet. Information comes at us at such a fast pace, we have difficulty doing it the old fashioned way.

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                  Strongly disagree. Have had a Nook Color since they first came out. Currently have an HD+, an NST, the original Color, plus the wife has an HD+. If we're home, we are reading real books if possible. Sometimes there is a deal on an ebook that is hard to resist, I'll admit.

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                    I sometimes find when reading a DTB that I tap the page with my thumb expecting the page to flip to the next. :smileyhappy:

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                      I never thought I'd cotton to an e-reader.  I have aways been a devoted lover of books.  About 2 1/2 years ago, I bought the NC because we go on long camping trips in our little travel trailer, and it was cumbersome to haul along a stack of books.  (I can never read just one book at a time.)  Tunrs out that I loved reading on it.  don't have to prop it open, and "turning" the pages just gets integrated into one's muscle memory.  I can switch from one book to another without sorting through a stack.  And when I'm reading a book with footnotes--no need to keep two bookmarks and flip back and forth.  A year ago, I bouight the HD+ and like it even better--more like reading a hard cover, and magazines are brilliant. 


                      I still go to our public library every Tuesday to browse among the paper books.  I rarely leave without checking out one or two.  So I;m still an active reader of DTBs.  But I have to admit (to my own surprise) that I actuallydo prefer the e-reader. 


                      I' also buying far more books than I used to.  I rarely bought a hardcover book, or even a paperback, when I could get it for free from the library.  Yet I I do buy them for the Nook.

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                        I've recently had to get books from the library and the print was small, the book was bulky, and the weight seemed heavy.  Oh by the way, I did try to swipe to turn the page.  :smileyhappy: