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      I upgraded to the Nook HD+ from the Nook Tablet and quite a few of my apps are not supported and not usable...specifically my favorite Bible app from LifeChurch. Why and when will that be fixed?
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          You aren't alone. I had the same shock when I upgraded to the HD+ from the Tablet. The best thing to do is email the app's developer. Some devs have told me they are working on it, some have responded I'll have to purchase the app in the HD+ format, and others (I'm talking about EA's Scrabble team) basically told me "Don't hold your breath." Worse case scenario you could visit xda developers website, find out how to enable downloads from other sources, and pick up your Bible on Amazon or Google Play. Just a thought but check with the app's dev first, of course.
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            I have several apps that won't transfer as well. Scrabble is one of mine and I emailed EA games and got the same response. I believed when I upgraded to an HD+ it would certainly be able to run tablet apps. Losing those few apps is disappointing and I would love to understand what keeps some from working while most work fine.