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    Re-program Bottom Icons

      Greetings all...


      I've searched Google and this board, but cannot find a solution (or much of a mention of this). I may just be using the wrong search terms.


      I'd like to re-program the icons appearing at the bottom of the screen/desktop on the Nook HD+.


      The two of inerest are the Web and Email icons. Currently, these bring up Google Chrome and Nook's email app, respectively.


      I'd like the web icon to start a different browser I use. And I'm using AquaMail for the email client and would like that to start instead of the Nook's email app.


      Can these icons be re-programmed to start apps of choice instead of going to the standard web and email apps?


      It sure would be convenient to do this. Otherwise, these buttons go to waste as I have to scroll to the correct screen to start my preferred apps.


      Thanks ahead of time for any help you provide!