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    NOOK HD+ doesn't connect to PC

      Hi you all,


      A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a NOOK HD+, and I have to say I like it very much. Only problem I have with it, is that it won't connect to my PC.


      First of all: both my NOOK and my Windows 7 computer are fully updated, and so is Windows Media Player (which seems to be important for the MTP thingy).


      So far I've tried:

      • Connecting it as an MTP. Windows then tries to install the appropriate drivers, but fails to do so. My NOOK shows up as a device with removable storage. More precisely as a FAT drive that's only 253 kB in size, containing one single file: MyNOOK Setup.html, which is basically a link to the Mac OS drivers for the NOOK.
      • Connecting it as a PTP - after removing the faulty MTP installation and rebooting both NOOK and PC. But nothing happens at all.
      • I've tried all this on different USB ports.
      • I've downloaded the Microsoft MTP protocol update, without any effect.
      • Performing a factory reset on the NOOK. Once again, without any effect.

      Strange thing is that my NOOK does connect to my father's PC, where it shows up as an MTP device.


      On the other hand, I've connected and successfully installed numerous devices on my PC without any hassle - amongst others Android phones (plural) that also make use of MTP.


      Please help me connecting my NOOK to my PC, so I can start loading it with media files. :-)