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    1st Edition Ridiculousness!!

      I am now on day 4 of not being able to download any books on to my device.  After yet again talking to a customer service representative I am given absolutely no information about the issue or a light at the end of the tunnel.  So after 96 hours I am told to wait another 24!  I am extremely disappointed about not the only the fact that my Nook has now become as good as a paperweight but the fact that Barnes & Noble is offering no information about the issue at all!  After getting the same answer I have been getting for 4 days in a row which was to just deal with it basically I inquired about a credit to upgrade to a new device.  I do feel since this is not my fault my device no longer works I shouldn't have to go out and pay full price for a device that does work.  Of course I was told that this is not available to me at this time.  So after waiting patiently and getting no answers I will no longer be using my Nook or any type of Barnes & Noble product.  KINDLE here I come!  I realize that I am just one customer out of millions for them but the way they have handled this issue is totally unacceptable. 

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          The solution, for now, is to download the file to your PC and sideload, as explained here:




          You do realize the the N1E was discontinued in 2011, right? Two years later, any problems with it are probably much less of a priority than any of the issues with current products or systems.


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            While browsing the B&N web site using Firefox on my PC I noticed that the Catching Fire eBook price had been reduced from $9.50 to 7.50 and decided to buy it. After the expected interactions a page displayed a conformation number and indicated an eMail confirming the sale would be sent within 30 minutes.


            I opened the Windows PC reader software and clicked the sync button on the library tab. The cover thumbnail appeared at the top of the list with the expected "options" button. Clicking the "options" button produced the usual buttons including "download". A progress bar appeared on the cover thumbnail, but no progress was apparent.


            i went to another room and activated the WiFi only Nook First Edition. I made sure the WiFi was connected to my household WAP and went to the reader's library. After paging past the shelved books the listing for Catching Fire was next on the list. After I selected Catching Fire the first item on the touch pad was "download". It seemed to be taking longer than I wanted to wait for then for the download to finish.


            A couple of hours later I checked the Widows reader to see an error message about the download. I dismissed the error dialog and clicked "download" again. Within a few seconds the progress bar functioned and "download" replaced with "remove local copy". I went back to the Nook First Edition where, after waking the reader, the downloading message on the touch screen had been replaced with "read". Tapping "read" the cover appeared on the e-ink display.


            No resetting to factory settings. No unregistering then reregistering. No turning the Nook all the way off. The First Edition probably  hasn't been within range of a B&N store's WAP in ten months.

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              My N1E works fine.  It downloads new ebooks and magazines just fine.  Mine is 3 years old.

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                I understand your frustration, but did B&N say the problem was on their end because they've pulled the plug on the Nook market being compatible with N1E?  If the problem is your device, it is out of warranty and has since been replaced by a few remodels.   Try taking your out of warranty car to the dealership with a problem and see what they do for free.  If you honestly use your Nook very much, why on earth would you buy a Kindle?  None of you books could ever be read on the Kindle.  Just buy a new Nook if yours stopped working...they are not very expensive.