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    genre search of books

      i was wondering if there is a way you can search by genre of the books you already have on your nook. i don't see a way to do it. and if you can't why has it not been added. i have over a thousand books on my nook and it would be really convenient if i could pick which genre of books i would like to browse through to find a book to read. it's kind of inconvenient to have to go through all my books and put which book belongs to which genre onto a bookshelf just to read it.

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          I have over 1000 books on my bookshelves. It was a joy to categorize, sort, and shelve them. As for the books on my Nooks, not as much fun, but still enjoyable. Sorry, though, don't know of a way to search by genre unless you use Calibre or some such. Perhaps you can drop a line to B&N?