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    Ebook Prices

      I looked at an Ebook earlier this evening, and it was 9.99. I just went to purchase it (a few hours later) and it's now $16.00. Did something happen with the ebook pricing?? I thought most ebooks were supposed to be 9.99 and under..

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        I did some checking around comparing the kindle's ebook prices to yours you at best match the kindle's prices but often are more expensive. Usualy by about $1.60 Hitchicker's Guide to the Galaxy AmazonB&N but saw as much as a $2.20 difference for Twilight AmazonB&N For a book or two thats not much but over time that is a significant savings. What's the deal?

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            I too am concerned about book prices.  I have a nook on preorder but I will decide in the next month or so whether or not to cancel it.


            Since nearly all of the information about the nook hardware was leaked early I was really hoping to hear about some big content deals at the press conference. 


            I really like what I have seen about the nook hardware and software but if the content isn't there it isn't much good.


            Having fewer books than your biggest competitor at higher prices isn't going to help sales.

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              Except for bestsellers, Amazon prices are consistently lower than B&N.


              All of the free Google books are also available for the Kindle



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                The ebook prices are what kept me from instantly storming into Barnes and Noble and ordering the Nook.

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                  I have seen responses to questions asked on other threads.  Have not seen Admin answer or even "We are addressing the question" on these pages.  I have some time to cancel my order, may do it.  For me, the price difference makes enough of a difference that I may go Kindle.  The features promoted are enticing, but I just don't know.  Please at least give us some verbage regarding dealing with prices, negotiating with publishers, etc. 

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                    The ebook prices in B&N border on out of control compaired to Amazon.

                    You can get the Lord of The Rings trilogy for $10.88 on Amazon but on B&N it will cost you $30.


                    Or even better.  The book Children of Dune is $19.96 on B&N but on Amazon it is $6.39.  Why is an ebook on B&N 13.57 more than their competitor for no reason at all?  Also the paperback of this book on B&Ns site is $7.99.  Why is an ebook the same cost of the hardcover edition?


                    I should not be able to look through my favorite series and find 4 books with a 32 dollar price gap between companies.  It's just not acceptabe for ebooks.


                    My wife wants an ereader for x-mas and I really want to buy a Nook for her but with these crazy prices there is no way I can justify getting a device that forces me to pay more than the paperback cost of a book.

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                      I understand everyone's concern about price, but here is the reason I will be getting a nook: I can read ANY e-book available on bn.com for FREE when I am in a B&N store.  I have to read somewhere, and this way I can decide which books I really want to buy.  Besides, I love my B&N store.  I can read on my nook and still have the smell of books.  Plus, I can enjoy an awesome cup of coffee.

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                        Not to mention you can use books from ereader.com which is awesome. they have a great rewards system which basically gives you free books.  If you love the nook, but hate the prices, try buying them elsewhere in an acceptable format

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                          I agree. ereader.com and fiction wise.com are owned by BN and their prices are much lower than the BN site. This fact alone is my deciding factor in getting the nook. Not to mention- the nook has not even been released yet (28 more days as of Nov 2, 2009). I am sure BN are not stupid- they have been down this road before 10 years ago and I am sure they have learned their lessons and will have more competitive pricing in the coming weeks....

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                            Just a note on ereader books.  I'd been an ereader customer for years.  I read them on two old Palm Pilots and now on my iPod Touch.  They still don't have quite the selection Amazon does for the Kindle.  Since there's a Kindle app for the iPod Touch now, I've sometimes bought Kindle editions when they weren't available at ereader.com, or were just more expensive.  The last two books I bought from ereader were Lyra's Oxford (Phillip Pullman) and The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown).  Both books contain graphics.  The graphics in the ereader version were of such poor quality as to be useless in some cases, even zoomed in.  I tried viewing the ereader books on my computer to see if it was just the iPod software causing the problem.  They were just as grainy and hard to make out on my computer.  Ereader issued me a refund for Lyra's Oxford, but not for The Lost Symbol.  Still, I wanted to see what I was missing.  I ordered the Kindle version and viewed that on my iPod.  The graphics were very clear in the Kindle version.


                            So for those of you who think you'll save money buying ebooks for the nook from ereader, keep the quality of what you're getting in mind.  For books with no graphics, it should be fine (assuming the DRM'd books will open on the nook), but don't waste your time or money on books with graphics...even black and white graphics.

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                              Remember, the more people who buy Nooks, the more people who buy b&N ebooks for their nooks on Bn.com will create higher demand. And higher demand brings forth lower prices. Another reason Amazon in addition to other reasons currently has lower prices.


                              I want the nook for its sleekness, its technicogical awe compared to the Kindle, but am not blinded to the price issue. But I am also not blinded to common business knowledge. Remember the Nook is in its infancy. Let's create a demand for these books! a demand through quanity. Where B&N sees through quanity of their sales lower prices will not smack them in the face.


                              In the words of Mr. Snider "You can do it!!!!!!" (Must use the accent when reading)

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                                "And higher demand brings forth lower prices."


                                I think that is a little off (or rather some wishful thinking).  Higher demand will normally bring lower prices in a physical product economy when supply is exceeding demand on a large scale.  Digital wares are different - supply is not an issue, and as demand rises, prices tend to remain constant, not lower.


                                Seriously, if the demand for the Nook is so high that people buy it regardless of the price gap between Amazon and BN eBooks, why would they ever lower eBook prices?  Just because it's the "right thing to do"(HA!)?


                                The only thing that would motivate a organization like BN to actually lower prices (and thus lower potential profits) is competition; and right now, Amazon has them beat hands down.


                                I would say that, if less people buy, THAT might motivate BN to be more competitive with eBook prices.


                                Right now Amazon is leading on what I believe is the most important aspect of ereaders - content pricing.  Sure, Nook has the better hardware from the spec sheets, but how long until someone (like Amazon) gets both the pricing and the hardware part right?  What is the justification to buy the Nook then - apart from simple brand loyalty?


                                I understand the ereader.com and fictionwise comments - but it still isn't clear if you can use the Nook's bookmark/annotation features on those files.  Why would I want an entire library of books from other sources that I can't even bookmark?  No thank you ... not for me.


                                I looked at the prices - and given the rewards programs at the other websites, I still see a noticeable savings at the Amazon store.


                                I am by no means an Amazon shrill - but no way am I investing into a e-reader that is such a loser in the content department.


                                I'm still open to go with the Nook if things improve - but at this point, considering the lack of a statement regarding prices, I'm not holding my breath.

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                                  I LOVE the "feature" where you can read any book in the BN ebookstore FREE when you're in the store.  How new, how innovative, how...wait a minute!  I can go to the BN store NOW, read ANY book in the store (a lot more than are in the ebook store) for FREE!  So, what do I gain with this "feature"?  Well, the uber-geek panache of letting everyone see ME, Mr. 21st century, reading on a Nook instead of that old, antiquated, totally YUCKY paper!


                                  A marketing triumph.  Convince folks to spend $300 or so to do something they can do NOW, for free.  And then convince them it's FREE!  And THEN make them excited about it!



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                                    When I first got the email about the nook I was super excited. It sounded like such a great idea. I love technology & have been considering an ebook reader at some point. Great for traveling when you have limited space. It won't replace my love of physical books. I'm into art journaling and there's absolutely no way you would want to buy a book like that for a reader. You need to see the graphics. But plenty of other books would be perfect for that. Especially large sets like HP, Dune, LOTR.. and maybe even Proust at some point.


                                    But price is a huge factor for me. If I'm going to buy something in paperless format, so much of the manufacturing process is bypassed and I EXPECT to see that reflected in the price. The high price of the books is the deal breaker right now.


                                    I had started saving for one, and will continue to save and watch. But getting one for Christmas seems further and further away.


                                    And as far as the free content in the store? Our local store is tiny and barely even has any seating (in fact, they keep getting rid of more & more seating in favor of display tables). I think there are 6 or 7 chairs in the place total. For a busy store, even if it's small, it's not enough. If they aren't going to bother with seating, it discourages me from hanging around to browse through stuff & see what I like before buying. When I do manage to hang around and read a little? I walk out with a purchase. Every time. I really wish they'd get that and add more seating back into the store. (It used to have chairs all over the place. Not so much in the past couple of years.)

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                                      Here are some ridiculous examples that I just found.


                                      The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer

                                      The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer

                                      Outcasts United by Warren St. John

                                      The Blind Side by Michael Lewis
                                      BN-Not available

                                      The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly



                                      I contacted customer service about the insane differences in book prices.  Can't wait to hear what BS they try to tell me.

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