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    Unautorized installation of Twitter App -- Error Alert

      A few days ago, my Nook Colot started throwing an error alert: 


      "The application Twitter (process com.twitter.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."


      This was a suprise to me as I had not installed the Twitter app, Yet, looking in my apps, there it was. I tried touching and holding the icon to delete it, but unike othe apps, "delete" was not an option.


      I tried going to bn.com and remvoing it using the website. It is not listed among my apps on the website.


      I called customer support, and they informed me that this app was "pre-installed," When I insisted it was not, the rep confessed that, in fact, it was only installed with the latest "update."


      Aside from the fact that this app is causing an error message, this app was isntalled WITHOUT my CONSENT or KNOWLEDGE on MY DEVICE. 


      And the customer service rep tells me there is no way to remove it. That's right, he insists it must stay there.


      That is really infuriating. The minimal user control over the Nook is bad enough as it is, now Barnes & Noble is deciding that it is going to force apps upon us and insist that we not remove them?


      I'll be taking my Nook back to the store for a refund. For now, I'm sure B&N will try to ignore this, but I guarantee it is the kind of boneheaded decision that will very soon erput into a PR nightmare. And rightfully so, we are customers who have purchased a device on which we expect to be able to decide what apps will run. We are not zombies.

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          Part of the terms of service you agreed to when you registered the device said that BN can modify the stock software of the device. So actually you did authorize it.


          If the whole world actually read TOU's everything would run so much smoother...

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            I'll come out and say this, I do work in B&N retail.


            The Twitter app was pushed out with Nook Video, though I had thought it was only to the Nook Tablets, not Nook Colors.  Both got Facebook.  It's possible I am mistaken about the Twitter app for the NC's.


            I know there is an issue with it on the NTs which is under review and hopefully will be resolved soon.


            Despite his slightly brash way of putting it, FT is correct.  The terms you agreed to when you created your Nook allow for B&N to add apps and make modifications.  Which was why you got Nook Video recently, and various other apps for free over the years. 


            As far as your optiions, I don't think you'll get far returning the NC.  It's possible if you ask nicely, calmly, and politely that exceptions will be made, but you're well outside of the return policy for the Nook.  You may also have better luck returning it through the customer support number you called as they have more range than the stores do when it comes to Nook return/exchange issues.