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    All In On Nook

      Never one to go half way, I recently bought not one but two Nooks. I am now the proud owner of the Nook HD+ and the Nook Simple Touch w/ Glowlight (something lite for throwing in the bag).  I am a LONG time Kindle owner and have very little to complain about there. I just wanted to try something new and since the Nook now supports Google Play store, I figured it was time to check it out.  I do realize that there will be pros and cons to switching.  The Play store is a rather major reason but I will say I think Amazons web site for managing the Kindle is better and runs more smoothly. The Nook one seems to want to be fairly persnickity. Not a huge deal but B&N could stand to clean that up.  I've also noticed that a number of books are more expensive on B&N but again, not enough so it'll turn me away.  I'm still playing with these two new Nooks and I do like them a lot. I can do more on my HD+ than on my Kindle Fire HD but the Fire does have the most amazing speakers on it.  The Kindle also brings immersion reading (text and professional narration which is nice)  I think they each bring different things to the table and it's time I sat down at the Nooks and gave them a taste. Really and truly looking forward to it though. Oh and being able to go into B&N with it and experience that will be nice since I tend to go there fairly often as well.  :smileyhappy:

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          Welcome to the fold. I've been a Nook owner since 2010 (N1E, NT, HD, HD+) and love all of them. My wife received a Kindle as a gift back in 2009 or thereabouts, and loves it, but I chose Nook for its versitility and abiltiy to read any epub, pdf, what-have-you ebook and the ability to sideload from sites other than B&N. Can't do that with any Kindle I'm familiar with. Again, welcome and these boards are a great place to ask questions. Lots of friendly folks who will respond to any legimate question/concern you may have.

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            I ended up bringing the Simple Touch back and will concentrate only on the HD+. I figure it will be far less aggravating for me. I was once again irritated by the fact that I subscribed to my local paper and could not get it in the morning. I stopped getting it on my Kindle because it came to late there also but at least I got it. On my Nook it still hadn't shown up by 8:00 even when I tried to go get it manually. Totally unacceptable so I canceled that. Can't ANYONE deliver a newspaper on the same time schedule as the actual paper one???  You would think it would be relatively easy.  Anyway, I am now going to give USA Today a try. 

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                Welcome, Connie. I helped a neighbor with a Kindle and I really like the HD+, by comparison. You are right about the speakers, though.


                In June I added the HD+ to the Nook 1st Edition and am still using both, for different reasons. We also picked up an ASUS tablet about the same time, so Android was new to the household.


                I have an IT background and thought it might help to mention that unless you know Android well, which I did not at that time, it has taken me three months to be able state that I know what I am doing and have gotten everything set up and working, or I understand why it isn't working, or it just isn't my fault (like today's Free Friday's App is not working for most reviewers).


                The HD+ doesn't reveal the whole Free Friday thing like the N1E shows it in Promotions, so don't forget to check it every Friday.

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                So I did go out and get some of the eye glass cleaner and that certainly seems to work better. Thanks for that. On the negative side, why is it that this darn Twitter app refuses to open and it's the freakin Nook version that came on it for pete's sake! I hate having apps on my device that don't work. Call me crazy.  Fortunately I have a far better Twitter app (Tweet Pro)