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        I can't help but wade in on this.  I recently saw a paperback copy of Kyle Mills book Lords of Corruption at the local B&N.  I decided to add it to my eBook list.  I don't recall what it went on the list priced at, but recently it is listed for $20.01.  It is currently available for Kindle at $7.19 and B & N also has it listed as a bargain hard cover for $5.38.  Unbelievable.  I e-mailed Perseus Publishing and got a response telling me that it was B&N's mistake as the Kindle version was about $7.00.  For years I have bought the majority of my books at the bargain table at B&N.  I would have been happy to pay the $10.00 for a newly released book so I could read it when everyone else was, but I guess I will wait for the price to drop for the eBook or I will buy them on the bargain table again.  I did point out the pricing to the manager of the local store and he too was baffled.  I too will not pay more than $12.00 for an eBook.


        I also deleted all of the books from my wish list that are priced over what I am willing to pay.  If B&N is watching the wish lists.........

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          @Josienjoe, you're welcome.  This is one of the better end user support boards I've joined of late.  There are some good people here and sure, there are some "Trolls" floating about, but that's part of the nature of "crowds" on the Internet.


          A bit of a surprise to me regarding this recent eBook price madness is that B&N's prices are so much higher than many other sites, at least from what as been anecdotally posted or shown in screen shot post as well as what I've seen myself.


          Honestly, my first thought was that they had a database referential integrity problem on the foreign keys between the pricing tables and the product/item info.  Some of the eBooks I've already purchased have doubled in price and in at least one instance the product details of one of those books refers to the CD audio version of the book.  The current price is similar to what I recall was the price of the CD audio version when I first purchased the eBook.  This is can be seen on the iPhone version of the eReader software when looking at the book Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie and also on the B&N web site for the digital version of the book.  It's nearly a 15 year old book and the overview I see about the book is for the CD audio version and not the book itself.  BTW...I just finished this book a couple of days ago and recommend to anyone interested in cognitive psychology.


          Back to the subject of this thread...since it's now been well over a two weeks since this price hike has taken place and we're seeing similar sites having higher prices then it's definitely an issue with the publishers and has nothing to do with the B&N database catalog.  One reason I went with the nook was that I was expecting Barnes & Noble to be able to pressure the publishers, along with Amazon, to keep eBook prices reasonable and to aggregate a broad amount of content.


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            I agree totally this morning Lovely bones and dear john were $4.99 this evening dear john is over $8.00 I will not purchase any ebooks until the prices go down.  Amazon still has them at the cheaper price. Minus well go to the library and get them for free.

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              I bought 3 nooks on Monday, 1 for each of my daughters and 1 for myself and was going to get another for my mom for her birthday, I did alot of research before buying the nook, I compared e-book prices, which at the time found B&N and Amazon pretty much the same, new releases for $9.99, which was acceptable. I read reviews etc. but now I have decided to RETURN all 3 nooks. We will stick with paperbacks when released and pass them around. When I was researching Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites and visited B&N there was never any mention of a increase such as I found when I went to buy books tonight. Luckily I didn't open my Nook first. So tomorrow I will return all my Nooks and go back to reading paperback books, purchased at discounted prices from Sam's Club, Costco, Walmart , the Flea market, used book store etc....I will not pay these ridiculous prices for an e-book!!!!

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                My wife got me a nook last week for my birthday. Unfortunately, I opened it and now it will cost a 10% restocking fee if I return it. Here's my story: I heard Steve Forbes on a radio show and decided to check out his latest book. It's $18.57 for the nook version, which was actually higher than their online hard copy edition! And almost 2x the $9.99 price that Amazon was selling it for to go with its kindle. I thought maybe this might be an anomoly so I did a quick comparison using the NYT best seller list. I took the top 5 for both fiction and non-fiction. The price was the same on both sites for 5 of the books. But the other 5 had Amazon beating BN by an average of just over $5! People don't care why one is higher than the other - they are just going to go with the lower price (see Costco). BN/Nook is going to get killed unless they wake up to this fact. I mean, why even get into this market if you can not be price competitive? BN should get out one of their dictionaries and look up Due Diligence. People aren't stupid and the "word of mouth" advertising will be irreperable If BN doesn't "fix" their pricing issue immediately. The number of Nook returns should send the message.

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                  So I just noticed a few minutes ago that some of the books on my wishlist now have lower prices, specifically: 

                  Finger Licking Fifteen by Janet Evanovich  was 13.97 now is 9.99

                  Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah  was 14.99 now is 9.99

                  Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris was 12.97 now is 10.80


                  I sure hope that the rest of the books that went up in price will start coming back down now as well.

                  • 186. what's happening to $9.99?!?!?!

                    i'm noticing a disturbing trend - new books are more and more frequently a few dollars more than the $9.99 used to suck us in.  i just recently found an ebook that was over $14, and i'm not talking about a big book.  i'll be really upset if the prices continue to rise - one of the benefits of the nook was less expensive books.  

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                      You might try these posts found with the search function:  http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?q=nook+agency+model



                      There are a multitude of threads on this.  Just to be clear, you must realize the "less expensive" benefit was a perceived one, not a stated one by B&N.

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                        perception or no, most of the books i was looking at in december were $9.99, and most of the books i look at now are a couple to several dollars more than that. 



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                          crazyakchick wrote:

                          perception or no, most of the books i was looking at in december were $9.99, and most of the books i look at now are a couple to several dollars more than that. 





                          Several of mine jumped from $9.99 to $12.99 too,   I believe this is due to this wonderful new thing called the 'agency model' that went into effect.   I notice also several books on my wishlist can now be purchased in paperback form for less than the ebook.  




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                             well I'd rather read abook on the nook for a few dollars more than a paperback than read a paperback itself....your still save money on the hardbacks...you going to have to get use to this pricing as its here to stay,

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                              As FrogAlum noted, there are tons of threads on the subject, but let me summarize for you.


                              Apple's iBookstore for the iPad opens today, April 3. Apple went to the publishers and told them that iBookstore wouldn't carry any e-books that anybody else sold for less in the US. Five of the 'Big 6' publishing conglomerates worked deals with Apple where the publishers are dictating the pricing on e-books from all of their dealers as of April 1 (or April 3 in some cases).


                              Amazon, Apple, B&N, Sony, Kobo, and all of the rest will have exactly the same prices on e-books from those publishers. They're not allowed to give any kind of discounting, coupons, rebates, or anything else. The publishers are giving the e-bookstores a 'take it or leave it' deal: sell the e-book at the full publisher's price or don't sell it at all.


                              Right now, some e-bookstores haven't finished the paperwork and programming work to make the changeover. You won't find those e-books listed at all at Fictionwise and BooksOnBoard, for example. With luck, they'll have them, at the Required Ebook Pricing, early next week.


                              Amazon is adding notations to those e-books that say that the price is set by the publisher, not by Amazon.

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                                Here's how I'm buying ebooks.  I look at the book, decide if I want it enough to buy the HB or pay the higher ebook price.  If I do, I buy whatever format I decide on.  (Note:  This only pertains to a few (less than 5) authors.  If I don't I put it in wishlist and check back periodically to see if the paperback has been released or the ebook price has been reduced.  (Publishers have said ebook prices will go down the longer the book has been released, but we'll see about that).


                                That's pretty much how I handled buying books before the Nook and I don't see any change.  I pay the higher price (HB or ebook) or I wait.  Yes, it was great when the prices were $9.99, but even that price was above the limit I would set for some books.

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                                  I had wanted to get a couple of Ayn Rand books, Atlas Shrugged and Fountain Head and they want 27 dollars for the eBooks that's   Insane

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                                    Come on folks.....go to manybooks.com or the 'gutenberg project' there are thousands of FREE books to download and read.

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