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    NST Battery Issue

      I have an approx. 3 yr. old Nook Simple Touch that I fully charged a few days ago.  Today when I tried to wake it after a time out, I got a message that the battery was too weak to start the unit and to connect it to the charger.  With my reading habits not changed since the last full charge, I would normally expect a couple of weeks battery life before I got below about 15%.


      I was just curious if anyone else had experienced this issue and that (hopefully) my battery has not reached the end of its useful life, and this is just a glitch that might be fixed with a reset or other prototcol.  I don't think the battery should have such a short useful life (approx. 3 yrs.), and unfortunately it is past warranty coverage.


      Oh, and I don't keep the Wi-Fi on at all.

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          If you got a Nook Simple Touch when they first launched, yours would be roughly 28 months old. However, Lithium ion batteries will live only 2-3 years even if they're on a shelf. It's entirely possible the battery is gone. I'm fairly sure you could find directions on how to replace it...if you want to try it.