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    My Nook won't charge

      I plugged it in, the green light is lit so I know there is a connection.  I let it charge all night.  I tried to turn it on and it says the batter is too low and to plug into the charger.  What is going on?

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          Did you plug it into your computer or to a wall socket?
          Which Nook do you have and how long have you had it?
          Did the green light ever change to another color?
          Have you tried another cable?
          • My daughters did the same thing (NOOK color) - had a 12 m...

            My daughters did the same thing (NOOK color) - had a 12 month warranty and this happened in the 13th month, go figure...Took it to local B&N store and they called support  - nothing they could do since the warranty was expired + they do not make the NOOK color anymore so did not even have the option to replace it - bottom line I am screwed.  My guess is the battery - which they cannot replace as they cannot open the device to get to it - going to buy a Kindle Fire tomorrow and leave B&N forever and WILL tell everyone about this sad excuse for customer service...