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    Cyanogenmod Jellybean Alpha builds now availible for download for the nook color.

      The newest Jellybean builds for cyanogenmod are now availible for download for the nook color. Check this thread here at XDA nook color developers forums. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1941247


      While this is an alpha build, with a few more bugs to work out, this build is going strong and will soon become the best and fastest build for the nook color. It has all of the features you expect of a Jellybean build, hardware acceleration for video, faster draw rates and refresh rates, and further better memory optimizations. 


      Only a few bugs remain, for example nexflix is still not working properly on these builds along with a few other top apps others want to be using on the nook color. Wifi is working well for most people on this build. So check out that link above, read the forum post and download your build to an microSD card and check it out. Download link is provided through the first link given above.