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    Should I update from 1.3 to 1.4?

      I have been skimming the forums, and I have a brand new (3 days) Nook Color still idling at 1.3 despite lots of wifi access at home. I've got a N2A card on the way. I do not like the n button, being an iphone user. Does anyone have thoughts as to whether I should hold at 1.3? Am I missing a lot if I do? Sounds like some headaches come with 1.4. Thanks for any comments. So far so good on the NC as a reader, which I why I bought it.

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          Update at your own risk, especially if you like to read magazines.


          Some of the new features are nice (e.g. improved dictionary interface, epub landscape mode) but the magazine reader on my 1.4.1 upgraded NC is essentially broken.  No word from customer service or other BN reps on a fix.




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            The big advantage to the 1.4 update versus teh 1.3 is the ability to read books in landscape mode.  


            Unfortunately, from what I'm reading there are some consistency issues and some quality issues in implementing that feature, but there is no other way to get landscape mode without rooting the NC and installing a different epub reader on it.  


            So if landscape is valuable to you, the udpate is a good idea.  I rooted my NC long long ago and ran 1.4.1 for a time, wasn't either hugely for or hugely against it, but am currently back on 1.2 / rooted which is a good, fast platform for me.   

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              oooh, very troubling. If there were updates on the horizon, I would dive in, but I fear this might be it. Thx for your input. I haven't read a magazine yet, but I would def. like to.

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                  Not everyone though has had trouble with the magazines, mine still read like before, and I think the update made my NC smoother and easier to use. I am more than pleased with the update. 


                But I guess you are taking your chances.

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                  FWIW, I have no magazine reading problems after updating, and one of the main reasons I did the update (manually) last week is so that I can read my New Yorker magazine on my Nook Color (I'm a print suscriber & can read on NC for free).  I also read All You Magazine, for example, on my NC and saw no changes before & after update.


                  The above being said, I'm one of those who miss my softkey N button, even though I understand now using the N button is similar to the way Iphone works (which I just got).  I also feel like my NC is a bit slower overall, and it is harder (but not impossible) to find free apps now.  You can do it, but instead of being able to look at the whole app store, you have to select your category, then sort by price--free ones will be 1st.  I don't use netflix & rarely read in landscape mode.  My apps all work & work the same.


                  I left my NC powered up  with wifi on for past 6 weeks w/ no auto download of update.  Had to do manually, which went fine.


                  Bottom line - If I didn't want to read New Yorker, I probably would not have updated, no real difference & I like how it worked before.  

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                    I wish I would have sayed with 1.3 and may go back to it.  I haven't had any real problems with 1.4 but I don't like the UI as well (N button!) and it is not as clean looking visually.  While I am glad for the folks that want to watch movies, watching movies on such small device has no attraction for me at all.  Likewise with landscape mode, it's not something I would use much, especially since the actual text still shows up in portait width unless you go into the giant font size.  And now I get distracted by the lock icon that pops up everytime I move the Nook too much.