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        Just today, a couple of pieces broke off the connector shell at the NC end of my power/USB cord, under the open ends of the "n" light.  The charger still works, but the (insulated) wires are now exposed.  Heading to my local B&N for a replacement cable.  I got my NC 4/15/2011 and hadn't noticed any issues with heat.

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          I purchased my color nook may 31, 2011 and love it.  but today i came home from work and the cord was melted and i began searching for information.  i used the support agent on b&n site and they are supposed to call me within 48 hours.  it seems to still be a problem.  a note of caution to nook users.

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            Mine got so hot- at the connection from the nook to the cord - that I dropped it.It would've started a fire, but I won't let that happen again. This is a problem!!!
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              KJai and nonuthin -- customer support agents will be reaching out to you shortly. --Sam

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                I have replaced the cord three times and charger twice. All three chargers ran "almost too hot to touch" as a normal condition. Of course, I start the charge at 20% and run it for a couple of hours.

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                  While charging her unit overnight this weekend my mother-in-law's Nook Color power cord melted at the unit-side plug and partially melted the casing around the Nook's power port. I am thankful that this did not result in a fire.


                  We had taken the unit to our local B&N, and they had replaced it without question (we had purchased the extended warranty). The customer service rep had taken the back off of the converter cover at the plug, and there did not appear to be any damage to the board or capacitors, which seemed odd; all the damage occurred at the power connection port on the unit. The rep had also called corporate to see if this was an isolated incident, and they stated that this was the first time they had heard of this happening and instructed the store to send it in for further investigation. After looking at these messages, it is seems like it is not an isolated incident. Hmmmm...


                  All else aside, many thanks to the great custormer service at this store! They are always willing to help, and will go the extra mile to keep their customers happy.

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                    I had my NC plugged in while making breakfast my four year old touched it and started crying I went to see what was wrong and picked it up, We both now have burn marks. Seriously!!!!!!!! Im now on hold for 20 minutes and counting. Now Im reading all this on here that has been going on for how many years?! What if my house burnt down? Not to mention the fact that my son was hurt. Someone needs to answer my call. Im so upset and the waiting is not helping to calm me down. AND for the record it was only plugged in for about 20 minutes.

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