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    Help see files in hidden partition on NT

      I've been trying to find out if there's a way for me to view (and potentially back up) some of the files in the hidden partition on my new nook tablet.  I don't particularly want to root my nook, although if that's the only way to see my files then I would do so.


      What are my options?


      Thank you.

      Rena S.

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          I don't know of any good ones available yet. 


          I've been hoping for some time now that BN would make a backup utility available for the Nook Color, something along the lines of Titanium.  Initially, I had thought there would be some fancy work to make one possible and that they might require the devices be rooted by default.


          Currently I have an Asus Transformer, and Asus includes a working backup utility for the device, to make backups of programs and their data. 


          So in principle this could be done, and I think it should be done. 


          Barnes and Noble apps and books are in principle backed up on BNs servers and can be reloaded.  The two gotchas here are 1) you have to have a wifi signal for that to work (though you can install the Nook app on your computer, download your library there, and simply sideload it to your device or put it on a card - as long as the Nook app and nook tablet are registered to the same account, all the files will be readable) and 2) if an update to the app breaks it and it takes time for BN to sort out, having a working backup is very helpful. 


          The Epicurious app is a great app, but there was an issue at one point where an update broke it and there was no official way to roll back.  My Titanium backup of the app let me reinstall it, but it was really too bad that you pretty much had to have rooted your device and installed that utility and used it for the app to be viable - and it was down for many customers for a period of weeks. 

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            If you're just curious to see the files, I've come across a couple of apps that showed them. 


            They were both audiobook player apps.  I've deleted several because I've been searching for what will work best for me, but I do know that Akimbo (free trial from Amazon app store), when clicking through to add folders to the library, it showed the names of the folders on the NT.  


            Maybe it's won't show everything you're looking for, but could be worth a try.  HTH