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    Double Page Spread

      I am a Barnes & Noble user, having co-published one
      book with Pubit! (worst name ever, but anyway).  I am currently getting ready to publish a children's picture book. 


      I am having a problem with double page spreads and with getting certain pages to always appear together.  I heard that double page spreads are now possible on the iPad and I'm not sure if Nook supports them too.  I email BN support, but they weren't much help. 


      When formatting, I am optimizing it for the Nook and Nook Color devices
      and especially Nook  for PC and with the expectation that it will be on
      the Nook for iPad App.


      I am using HTML with jpgs to format and then converting it to epub.  All
      of my single pages look great, but my double page spreads don't take up
      the whole page.   They appear really tiny and next to a single page.  The Nook is treating them like a regular page, I think.


      Is there a way to get a double page spread (a single image which takes
      of the space of two pages) to work?  Is there an HTML solution?  I have
      searched the boards, but there isn't too much help. Also,  is there a
      way to link pages together so that the same two pages always appear on
      the screen together?  Does the Nook color have landscape mode yet?


      Thanks everyone!



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          I'm about to publish my children's book also, and I'm afraid there is no current support for double page, or landscape with PubIt. Furthermore, embedded images will not allow wrap around text.


          The Nook for PC will cut off images that are too long. They may show the full page image on the nook, but on the nook PC the reader will lose the bottom portion of the image and not be able to scroll down to see it.


          My work around for all of that, (at this time) is to embed images that use half a page at a time, and span across the width of the page. I include text between these images for the story.


          If your book is truly all images then you will have little choice but to do the above, unless you abandon Nook for PC readers.


          Children's books that are rich in functionality, such as Read to me, landscape, double page, and zoom are not yet available to PubIt publishers. I have heard no word back on when, or if we will get it. The well established print editions books that do have this functionality have worked closely with the publisher and the Nook development team.


          If you hear of anything new, please share, as will I. :-)

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              Thanks Cody.  That is as I feared.  Even Kindle has lanscape mode.  It would be great if they could get this and even better if they could get features like read to me and zoom.  Hopefully, since they are trying to compete with iPad with the Nook Color, they will offer these features.  Could you make your own app?  Maybe that would be a way around the limitations.


              I hadn't experienced that problem when I was previewing my epub in Nook for PC.   Does it not show up on the actual Nook device?  I don't have one, so I haven't been able to check and it bothers me that I don't know what the reader experience will actually be. 


              I'm interested in your solution.  I am coding my book in HTML and then converting it.  How would you do what you described?



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                  Whenyouaddatitleand  upload yourebookyoucanviewyourbookintheNookemulator. Imagesarefullpageontheactualnook. ThecutoffissueiswiththeNookPCapplication.


                  Idon'tuseHTMLtocodemybooks. HTMLaddsalevelofdifficultytotheconversionprocess, INMHO.


                  IwouldswitchtoSigilasIsuggested. Youshouldbeabletocutandpasteyourtextintoit. It'smuchmoreofaWYSIWYGdevelopment. IevenabandonedwordwhenIstartedusingit.


                  Developmentoftherichchildren'sbookfunctionalitycanbedevelopedusingtheNooksSDK (SoftwareDevelopmentKit) - so they say. EvenasaprogrammerIamnotinterestedinre-developing the functionalityonlytofindthatIcan NOT useitwithPubIt. FornowI'mplayingitsafe.


                  I'veuploadedaNookscreen shotononeofmywebsitesasanexampleforyou. Thetextandimagearejustsamplestomakesureformattingwillworkoutalright. The text can be resized and will spill to the next page if the user changes margins or font size. The image is sized so that it will show entirely if the text kicks it to the next page or bottom.


                  Havealook - itwillshowyouhowI'millustratingmybook.





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                  How to fix the epub files, if the source PDF shows 2 page spread in single view since the Nook screen as tabloid?


                  Kindly do the needful.