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    WI-FI HUGE issues

      I am very disappointed with the inability of my nook color to stay connected to WI-FI. I have had problems since opening my nook for Christmas. I am now on my 3rd nook color, none of which will stay connected. If this were the only WI-FI item in our home I might be able to better accept the lame help I have been receiving from the "tech support". There is NO support as far as I am concerned.

      We have 2 computers, and 3 laptops that have NEVER had a connection problem. I do not live where there is a Barnes and Noble store, and yet everytime I have called with this problem I have been told I have to drive 40 minutes to the store for help. The last time I drove in to the store I was told I had to contact my high speed cable server, that they (B&N) had never received a WI-FI complaint before. I did have the cable company come to my home and was told there is no cable issue, it had to be the nook device.

      Am I the only person who owns a nook color (3 no less), that can not stay connected to WI-FI?  I like the nook color, however, I feel it is over rated for internet connection. 

      Anyone have any suggestions? It is beginning to be a pain to go to the computer, download books etc, then read them on the nook.

      Please, if you have any suggestion I would appreciate them. Anything would be better than the "tech support" can offer.


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          Go to menu, settings, device info, about your nookcolor and verify your SW version is 1.1.0. If not, you need to update. If it is then you will need to chk the settings on your router. This is one of the things the the builders of NC may have droped the ball on. I only have my laptop using wifi and I did havd to go into ntwksettings in order to connect. It was much easier then setting up the NC. Its very frustrating but it can be done. If you are comfortable accessing you router sttings, search "router" on top rite of this page and see if you can find your router. You czn also post router make n model here and maybe someone will have already found a fix. If you are not comfortable changinv settings than ask a tech savy friend for help. There are a lot of variables to finding the correct settings. You will find the basics thru search. A lot of people on these boards that were ready to toss the NC out the window over this.(me included) most are glad they stuck with it. Let us know if you need help or find a fix.