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    Mac Lendme issue

      I sent a lendme offer to my sister's e-mail before she set up her account.

      She has the ereader for her mac now, but we can't figure out how she can get the lent book on there.

      Anyone have any ideas? I can't seem to find tutorials anywhere. Mac programming is so weird.

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          With our new LendMe  technology, you can lend and borrow eBooks purchased on BN.com and then  read them on your Mac, PC or nook. You can initiate and manage lends  from nook or your PC.
          All you need to know is your friend's email address. Any book that can  be lent will have the following icon next to it:


          You can lend many of your  eBooks one time for a maximum of 14 days. When you use our LendMe  technology, you will not be able to read your eBook while it is on loan,  but you always get it back.
          Lending offers on a wide selection of eBooks can be sent from the nook  to any email address. A lending offer, which shows up in their email account,  is available for 7 days and can be accepted or declined online. All lendable titles can be lent once for 14 days. Once a lending  offer is submitted, it cannot be retracted.

          Have her check her email and if it is not there please contact Customer Service. You may call toll-free in the United States at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665) and ask for Digital Support.  
          Your Admin.,