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    Video Tutorials on general functions of Nook Tablet, Apps, Root, Etc, its not illegal, its fun ;)

      Part of the reason I shoot my videos is to help all those not so technically inclined to understand Android based operating systems better and how to customize them.

      Video Links:


      Update 12/30/11:  What is Root, Rom, Launcher and the basics of Android 


      Why to Root the Nook Tablet and install HomeCatcher apk


      How to Restore back to 1.4.0, sideload, and root using SDcard on Nook Tablet


      How to Root Nook Tablet Part 1 USB drivers and Debugging

      How to Root Nook Tablet Part 2 Root process with Indirect's Script.


      How to install OTA BLOCK Using Titanium Backup

      update 12/30/11:Further Demonstration of Titanium Backup FREE OTA Block


      I use Drop box to transfer files, here is a video on that or just use USB


      update 12/30/11:Another Nook Tablet Troubleshooting Root Video and more

      Root process:
      1. Turn on tablet
      2. Register, turn off wifi
      3. Check version number. if 1.4.0 proceed to root and OTA block,,, If 1.4.1- use sdcard flash back to 1.4.0 before proceeding to root
      4. either turn on wifi long enough to enable debugging or just sideload app with usb. turn off wifi again.
      5. follow part 1 video
      6. follow part 2 video
      7. enable wifi and download titanium backup and dropbox, download files through dropbox, turn off wifi
      8. Follow OTA Block Video
      9. move files from dropbox to titanium backup folder and restore
      10. verify software version number changed to 9.9.9
      11. Enable Wifi, Profit! you are protected from OTA patches
      12. Stay in touch with your root developer's thread and use NEW Hijack ADB app to update your root as the developers release new root patches.

      Note: If you are worried about time taken after downloading titanium backup, you can use titanium backup to freeze devicemanager2.3.4.apk. this will block OTA aswell.



      update 12/30/11:Bypass registration of Nook Tablet


      update 12/30/11:Using ES File Explorer to Transfer Files


      Old Root video using Indirect's Script


      How to Unroot, Reformat, Return to Stock for Nook Tablet with One Click


      Everyone, please keep in mind that you root at your own risk and we all do this for fun. No one has twisted your arm to root and no one is required to help you if you make the decision to root.

      Link to root process for PC

      Link to root process for mac