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    Getting books to show picture instead of question mark symbol from over drive

      Hello,Please help,I'm not tech savy,will try my best to example,what I'm trying to do.I have over drive on my HD+ all the books I'm borrowing from the library has book covers,not after I download the borrowed books thru over drive,they download but when I go to library then my files,all the books have the question marks on them,instead of the pictures,then there a problem with me having three different icon for each book i have downloaded example: moby dick first 1 moby dick thumb.jpg,second 1 moby dick.jpg,third 1 moby dick part01.epub.Now when i select them the only 1 that open is the 1 that has epud on it,the other 2 shows the book cover only,Can someone asst. me with this,really want the picture cover showing instead of the ? mark.I also want to know what is calibre is,I have been reading alot of ppl talking about it,last thing I have the app Browser plug-in but it's not open only come up with two options:local storage,and peer-assisted networking tried selecting one but nothing happen.Thank you so much,hope I explain the problem.