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    Nook Tablet rooting question or N2A sd card

      Ok, I am very computer dumb so please bear with me if I don't use the proper terminalogy for what I'm trying to explain.  For Christmas I am getting a Nook Tablet from my husband.  I am wanting to root it but not the permenant way where it would void my warranty.  I'm wanting to go the SD Card route.  The problem I'm running into is I can not find any SD Cards that are already formated for the Nook Tablet all of them are for the Nook Color.  I do know how to follow directions so if I can find a tutorial on how to make my own formated SD card for the Nook, what are everyones opinions of me actually being successful.  Or should I just wait a little longer and hope a formatted SD Card for the Nook Tablet pops up.  Also if anyone can direct me to a site that is selling them that would be fine too.  I've already checked craigslist and ebay and all the sellers are selling only Nook Color formatted SD cards.  Please don't laugh at my stupidity!!  Lol, Thanks for your time!!

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          While the NT apparently will try to boot from the SDcard first, the obstacle is that the NT's internal bootloader is effectively locked to booting specially signed SDcards (which are unavailable to customers).


          There are quite a few people waiting to see if this can be overcome, especially since rooting the NT depends upon a software fluke that B&N may fix in a future software update.

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            While u currently cant root off an sd card like on the nook color you can sideload apps from the amazon appstore. I'm very happy with this method. I was able to get the kindle app so i can get my textbooks on my NT. Although with the kindle app for some reason I couldn't download the kindle app from the amazon app store so i downloaded it from another site. I think it was freeware.com but can't remember for sure. I haven't had any problems with apps from the amazon store. The instructions to enable sideloading are on the xda site. U can find the link in other posts here or google nook tablet sideload appps. The instructions were pretty straight forward. HTH? -Erin
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              Just curious, what is it that you or your husband want to do that requires rooting that sideloading Amazon's appstore wouldn't accomplish?  As others have said, just having access to Amazon's rich selection of apps suits me fine. I was able to find a handful of free apps that BN isn't offering that I really kind of *need* to make my Tablet useful to me.  If there was a fear of BN doing away with sideloading in an update (there isn't, is there?) then I'd suggest just plain rooting - the method's out there and appears relatively easy and quick.

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                Just buy or download the N2A sd card from either Amazon on go to the n2a.com site.  It's $20. to download.  It's $25. to $30. to get it by mail. 


                    Just insert it in the Nook Tablet and sometimes this alone my send to to the Android option.

                Sometimes while you boot up your Nook Tablet, you have to press both the power button and the "N" button simultaneously to activate the Android option.

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                  Have you seen this site--looks like maybe what you're looking for.