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        I'm getting closer to joining the HD+ club! :smileyhappy: I received an email yesterday around 4pm that my Nooks had shipped. Odd that they shipped on a Sunday but as of now, according to UPS tracking, my Nooks still have not been picked up by UPS so I guess they are still at the warehouse.

        It has been nice reading everyone's experience with the new device and learning all I can until mine arrives. Please keep those posts coming.

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          I just talked with customer support about the cancellation of my 360 stand and anti-glare screen kit. B&N is out of the 360 stands, but the anti-glare screen kits just became available again. of course, they cancelled that part of my order, so now I have to order the anti-glare screen again.

          i'm surprised that they would be out of the 360 stands so soon -- mine was a fairly early order.
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            The two stand covers (the Groovy and 360) are definitely the most popular HD covers by a huge margin.

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              I'm having just as much fun watching my Nooks take a trip around the country (and a little jealous) as I am anticipating their arrival. They started in Philadelphia, PA then flew to Minneapolis, MN then to Louisville, KY on their way to TN. :smileyhappy:

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                Just got my HD+, dropped off by UPS today.  I LOVE IT.

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                  My HD 7 inch shipped out of Nevada today....delivery anticipated on Friday.

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                    Louisville must be a major hub. Mine went from Sparks Nevada—Oakland California—Louisville Kentucky—Des Moines Iowa—Omaha Nebraska tomorrow—me.
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                      Just got mine.  It's simply AWESOME..

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                        I ordered a 32 GB HD+ from Best Buy yesterday morning (I'm on the waiting list at B&N but they said it would be at least 2 weeks so I decided to hedge my bets) and got the email this morning saying it shipped! Can't wait till it gets here!

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                          Have any showed up in TX?  Still no ship notice today, my order still says Dec. 1st and website now shows Novv. 12th LMBO . . . whoooooo knows.

                          Asked on live chat and they said it would deff ship today but . . .


                          Around here the stores have the Nook HD+ 32gb but none of the HD 7".  Soooo bummed.

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                            Got an email Nov. 7 saying my Nook HD was shipping. On the ups tracking site it has just said a shipping label has been printed ever since.

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                              Try refreshing the page. I got the same email early on the 7th, and late last night (the 8th) it changed and gave me a delivery date of the 13th. Since the shipping date was projected to be the 15th when I ordered I'm very happy with the 13th! A whole week early! Yay!
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                                LOL Same thing for me.  I called twice, assured it would ship on the 8th, and last call the gal told me it was in processing.  Late that night I got the notice it had shipped and the amount was charged to my card.  Used my tracking number since then and basically all that has happened was a shipping label was created with UPS . . . the item has not even reached UPS facility yet.  That was on the 8th, now the 10th . . . I'm giving them 24 hrs and if the pkg has not reached UPS then prob will cancel.


                                Not saying this is the case but ............ I've seen other mfg's use this trick . . .  just creating the shipping label to hold people off from canceling an order and then it's a week or more before ups ever gets the pkg to ship it.  Not very nice!


                                I've not been upset so far, just curious and watching the process but if this is what's been done . . .  NOT going to be happy and will NEVER pre-order from BN again.


                                I understand there are circumstances beyond their controll BUT if this is what has happened, they have used an underhanded way of handeling the matter.  Just saying . . . .

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                                  It could be UPS's issue?  With heavy shipments in general this time of year, recent system disruptions maybe their pick ups are behind. I have a brother in management with them. If you don't have expidited shipping and planes are full, they can hold your load one cycle, with a weekend in there it could be 3-4 days.

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                                    If your account says shipped then your package most likely did  . I had all my HD stuff prerecorded ... I went to the store  saw they had the HD+ in stock and having had my name on the list there decided to purchase .

                                    The store called cs and canceled my order so I could purchase from them . When I got home I checked my account and somewhere between store to home bn shipped the cover and screen protectors  anyway... Having a cancellation number and all  didn't stop those things from showing up at my door a few days ago it took a week ... Shipped nov 1 .. Received nov 8 . 


                                    and yes at time of cancellation it was known by cs that items were in process to.ship . I also had expedited shipping so odds are you will get your HD even if you cancel now . At least from my experience .

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