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    Missing Sync for Android --- anybody using? need help

      So one thing I really wanted without rooting, etc was ability to sync my calendar to my NT.  FInally dropped the coin for the PC app this week.  (OT, this will hopefully benefit the rest of you; bought the N2A card because of lack of gallery app in August --- so about 6 -8 weeks later, 2 photo apps became available! With my luck, there should be other calendar options available by the end of March!)


      Anyway, after a few hiccups, have my calendar and tasks syncing just fine. But you're supposed to be able to sync folders over wifi too (which was one of the other features that I thought would make it worth it.)  I had about 3 folders set up and working this morning; made some changes on the PC, messed it up, got it working again.  Then messed it up again. 


      So is anybody else using this and is there some secret? Like power the PC and the NT down, or max number of folders?  The company has some chat support but only Mon - Friday.  (And it's Saturday and I am being impatient!) 


      If you can help me, I'ld appreciate it!  Thanks,

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          I have been using MissingSync and the Fliq Apps for a couple of months.  According to the user Guide there is no maximum number of folders that can be identified for sync.  What kind of  "changes on the PC.." did you make?  If you have not checked the User Guide it is available from the "Help" tab.  I have found that once set up the applications and program are very stable.

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              Thanks for getting back to me (was hoping you would!)  Had read the User Guide too, didn't see any limitations to the number of folders, files or size either. 


              Re: "Stuff on my PC" was just housekeeping tasks; changed the folder names so they would appear together on my SD card and cleaned out the folders themselves (stuff don't need anymore, etc.)  Things like that.


              First time got the "folder sync" to work, had 3 folders with about 75 files for total size of 600 - 650 MG. Ended up with nine folders, probably 3-4x as many files for a total of 1.5 - 2GB.  It didn't even try to sync it at that point.  (As it's going through the sync steps, you could see that it was skipping folder sync because process was going too fast.)  Played with it some more trying to sync different combinations of folders at the same time.   One of the combos that failed was 2 folders, 1 with 28 files, the other 75 but total aggregate size of these files was about 400MG which to me, makes it look like a quantity restriction rather than a size restriction.


              Reality is, I don't need to sync these files all the time so sync'd the folders individually for now(my new backup system!), and then set up to sync just the 2 folders that would like to do this for on a regular basis.  It worked fine this morning.


              Probably the only other comment that I had was that when you click on the folders to "add" which ones you want to sync, I couldn't leave all my folder set ups in there and then just select the ones I wanted to sync each time.  Had to add/remove the folders to get it to work.  So either I am doing something wrong (always possible!), expecting the program to do more than was intended (again, very possible!) and/or their are some limitations to the software that aren't outlined in the User Guide.


              If there are any other peculiarities about this program that you know of, please share.  Thanks for your help!

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                  First, you might want to setup an account with Mark/Space so you can log a trouble ticket with their support team.  I have found that an answer is usually made within 24 hours.  However, you have to log into the support sight and "view" your ticket.  Small price for getting the developer's input.


                  Second, if you changed the file names (or locations) you would want to reset the entire selection for sync.  Also, once the sync is "messed up" I have found that selecting "Help" then "Fix Connection" has helped.  I have never gotten a notice that the connection was damaged; just got odd results like the sync screen flashing by fast on the computer and no sync taking place.  After the "fix" everything worked as expected.


                  Hope this helps some.  We use this combo to sync a Nexus S phone, a Nook Color and a Nook Tablet to the same Outlook calendar on our home computer.  We all have the same calendar now! 

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                I tried using it today.  After hours and hours of examination and trying everything I could think of, I have given up hope like so many before me. It just doesn't work.