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    Battery Life on HD+


      I have both a Nook Color & a Nook HD+ 32 gig. I have noticed that there appears to be a fairly significant difference between the two in the use time I am getting from a charge. I was told when I purchased the HD+ that the battery life would be longer but this has not proved  to be the case. For instance I fully charged both devices overnight on Wed (it's Friday am now). The wi-fi was on both & brightness set at the factory default. Both devices were off the charger until last night about 10pm. At that time the NC was @ 93% charge & the HD+ @ 62%. I read for about an hour on the HD+ & the battery was down to 44%. Aside from checking the battery indicator I did not use the NC. Both were off the charger overnight. This morning the NC is @ 83% & the HD+ was @ 33%.


      I have not tested the devices in airplane mode but I am sure I will probably not get anything close to the 10 hours of reading time BN says I will get on the H+. I was going to try & sell the NC but think I will keep it to use for trips when I may have to be off the charger for an extended period of time. I am wondering what other people's experience has been & if the performance I am seeing is normal?