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      This is funny.

      I heard a few good things about Michael Pollan's Food Rules, so I decided to download the sample.  The sample is 6 pages:


      Page 1: Book cover

      Page 2: Table of Contents

      Page 3: Book cover (again)

      Page 4: Publisher info page

      Page 5: Copyright warning page

      Page 6: Dedication to Mom (awww, that's sweet)

      End of sample...


      Doesn't give me much to whet my appetite (pardon the pun).  Food Rules is a short book (112 pages).  Based on other samples I've downloaded, it appears that the samples are approximately the first 5% of the book.  Oh well, it's only $5, I may splurge and pick it up anyway.


      On the other hand, I also downloaded David Baldacci's True Blue, which was a 26 page sample - over 5 whole chapters! (There are 114 chapters in the book!)

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          LOL...sorry, I have to laugh because the same thing happened to me. I don't even recall the book. I think it was a Nora Roberts book right when I got my Nook on Christmas Eve. I got about a page and a half to read. Some samples do their intended job and some don't!

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            I mainly have the problem with non-fiction and the B&N Classics. Even if they provide 20-30 pages in the sample, a lot of times that doesn't get you past the introduction. I won't buy a book based on the sample unless I actually am able to read part of the BOOK itself.

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              Reminds me of the "sample" I downloaded for Misery.


              Page 1 - Cover

              Page 2 - Table of Contents

              Page 4 - Title

              Page 5 - America Loves

              Page 8 - More books by Stephen King

              Page 11 - Inaccessible, [End of Sample]


              ... it's not exact, but pretty close. Terrible, terrible "sample".

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                If you're interesting in getting a look at the actual contents (not just - "does this ebook work for me?" as many people who buy technical ebooks are forced to ask before buying), I would suggest google books - a very broad page selection of content from the book. Same with Amazon.