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    sick of not being able to get the books I want...

      When is barnes and noble going to start getting more ebooks for the nook?? Everytimt I search for a book I want they dont gave the digital version. Then I find out amazon DOES have it for the kindle! grrrr! I LOVE my nook but Maybe I should have gotten a kindle so I could read the books I want! :smileysad:

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          Try searching some of the other eBook stores: Fictionwise.com, BookonBoard.com, Ereader.com, Ebooks.com and Kobo.com.


          Remember Epub and PDB formats

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            And pdf format. 


            There are many free and pay site that stock books that can be used on the nook. Search in Google.


            You can use Calibre to convert books from foreign formats for the nook also.

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              addall will search multiple sites and formats for the ebook you are looking for.

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                I hear you my4luvgugzmiss!  I haven't bought my e-reader yet and would like  to get the Nook but almost every book I want is on the Kindle and none are on the Nook.  I have even called Barnes and Nobles corporate to get this guy that kept saying "there are over a million titles available for the Nook".  Too bad they aren't the ones I want!


                I found some of them in the stores Delenn 1 suggested.  Not only are all of them more expensive than the Kindle version, they are more expensive than their printed version!!!!!  All of them!!!!!!!!!  Even the hard covers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                I see so many formats and copies and permisions disables and things like "copy x many times in 30 days", I don't even know where to begin.  I just want to buy a book  that works on the nook.


                This is jumping threw so many hoops, and at more than fifty dollars a book I want to  have it work and not find out it wasn't the best format to buy.  Anyway, I really wish Barnes and Nobles would just get more eBooks


                Am I right thining none of these will show up with their cute book covers on the nook?


                I wish Barnes and Nobles would take a page from Amazon where if a book is available digitally we can hit a button saying we would like it to be.


                Like I said, I would like to buy the Nook but Barnes and Nobles has none of the books I want (and Amazon does).  Calling corporate and talking to a nook tec and being told over and over the nook has a million books and not taking down the books I want did not impress me.


                The nook was launched in October and I am amazed at how few books they have.  Lack of content is keeping me from buying.




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                  The author I was looking for is not available at the library either. 


                  I'm looking forward to using the library and my Nook, except that, everything at both libraries I currently have access to seems to be checked out and all I can do is put a hold on the book.  I put one on hold two weeks ago, just to see how long it would take to get it, I still haven't gotten a notice.

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                    First off I do like my nook and I believe that it is definitely the better of the two devices from a technical, aesthetic, and overall capability perspective, but I completely agree that the lack of available eBooks from Barnes & Noble as compared to Amazon is more than a bit frustrating.  Sure, I like the fact that supposedly there are over 1 million books for the nook available via Google Books, but since so many of them are out of print then a lot of them are just not interesting.  Sometimes there is a damn good reason they are out of print Barnes & Noble; because some of them sucked or are no longer topical and relevant.


                    I also appreciate that Amazon has had a two or three year head start in this space, but more current content for the nook from Barnes & Noble needs to start coming soon and more voluminous in order for the nook to fulfill it's incredible potential.  A simple example: I have about 40 or more books on my Amazon Wish List and over 80% of these I can read on a Kindle "in under a minute," but only four of them are available for the nook...and I have all four now on my nook.  I bought those books from Barnes & Noble even though I originally found them at Amazon.


                    The number of periodicals available for the nook is pathetic when compared to the Kindle.  The Kindle has 86 newspapers available for reading and subscription.  The nook has 14.  And here's something that's kind of interesting...as of February 14, 2010, within the nook section of the Barnes & Noble web site there is an image of The Boston Globe newspaper that would appear is available for purchasing and reading on the nook, but the fact is it is not available at all.  You can see it right under image of the cover for Dan Brown's recent piece of trash, "The Lost Symbol."  Oops, my Dan Brown criticism slipped in there; sorry.  Anyway, showing that you can get The Boston Globe in e-newspaper format and actually not having it is a bit of a bait-and-switch tactic.  I'm not interested in The Boston Globe, but I am interested in The Times (London) and many others.  The number of magazines for the Kindle is 40 as of this writing and for nook it's 14.  The number 14 seems to be a pattern here.


                    I'm really hoping that by this time next year a posting regarding slim content as compared to the competition would be hogwash and untrue.  If not then...who knows?

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                      I too have been contacting authors to tell them I'd like to see their books for sale at B&N.  One of them said he would ask his publisher.


                      I hope B&N is able to get more books.  You would think publishers would want their eBooks in every store they could, so they could sell more books.

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                        I have and sadly no one has them except amazon :smileysad:

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                          Evrosado wrote:

                          There is always your public library.  try this:




                          overdrive doesn't work for my rural area. :smileysad: our library isn't involved in it.


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                            I wonder if the pricing issues are keeping many publishers out of the ebook game?  Maybe once that is sorted out there will be more.  There are many that Amazon doesn't have also, so maybe not everyone is jumping on board with ebooks yet.  Also, it is difficult and expensive to support multiple formats so some publishers may only support one or two.