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    nook color

      HELP, I can't download my newly purchased nookbook. My nookbook is connected directly to my PC, and when I click on download, I get a window that reads "unable to open this file"  lbunbry87

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          Your post is a little vague. Please list the steps you took to make this purchase.:smileyhappy:

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            Hi lbunbry87 & welcome!


            I am by no means an expert at this sort of thing, but it sounds like you have a sideloading issue.  If you type "sideloading" into the search bar tool in the top left corner of this board or search the topics list, you will find tons of posts about this.  I know some people have had this issue as well.  


            Sorry I couldn't be more help.  Good luck getting your issue taken care of and enjoy your NOOKcolor!!!!