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    eBook Tag

      So, I love the Nook, and I'm very happy with Barnes&Noble's eBook system, but I do have a suggestion for improvement. I occasionally run across a book that I would like to purchase as an eBook, but it's not yet available in that format.


      It seems to me that there should be a better way to communicate our interest in getting a particular book available as an eBook than posting a request on a 100+ page forum post that has minimal feedback.


      My suggestion is that I would like a button or link of some sort available on the website to 'tag' a book to indicate that I'd like to see it available as an eBook. This would allow B&N to easily judge interest in specific books and prioritize their workflow in converting books. If 8000 people have 'tagged' a certain book, maybe they could focus a little more work in getting that one available as an eBook than the book that 5 people have tagged.


      It just seems that the technology exists to judge this a lot more easily and accurately than having a forum moderator read posts and pass them along.


      The icing on the cake would be if they could include a little bit of code to email me a notification when a book I've 'tagged' is now available as an eBook. I mean, getting online to do an Advanced Search every couple days to see if the book I've asked about is available yet seems a little silly.


      Seriously, guys. It would significantly increase the amount of money I spend on your products. I rather imagine that the increased business would pay for the cost of a little bit of fine-tuning the website pretty quickly.