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    uh . half price nook book "best sellers"?

      Ok .. is it just me or does it seem like they jacked up the price of the Nook book "best sellers" in order to adverstise them as "half off"?  Like for example Rick Riordan's book shows it "was" 19.99 for e-book and now is 9.99ish.   Although I could swear to it I didn't remember it being that high for his e-books.  And to make matters more (worse, skeptical, etc.) I looked on Amazon and they have it for 7.99.   There were a few others that way as well.  If so this rather tee's me off as just blatant deception.


      Note: They don't all appear to be more than Amazon and some do appear to be a lot less - just some seem to be jacked up in price.