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    Is B&N going to abandon the NOOK?

      I will be so angry if this happens.



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          Well, B&N publicly stated that they were trying to clear out stock of HD/+ when they added Google Play to the devices, so PaidContent really didn't need to think much to come up with that theory.


          The rumor that B&N plans to discontinue the Nook mid-2014 is where PaidContent gets it wrong - the rumor was that Microsoft was planning to buy the nook business (which it already owns a stake in), and that if it did it would phase out the tablet line by mid-2014.  The rumor was never that B&N planned to do it, although they did state (separately from the 2014 rumor) that they were going to shift focus away from hardware (read into that as you like).


          Basically there's nothing new in this article, just a really poor rehashing of old rumors with nothing new to add to the mix.  It must be a slow news day for them.