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    Publisher Defaults - a custom font viewed on different Nooks

      My book, A Maid of Kirin, contains a custom font, which is used to render some custom glyphs (ie fantasy symbols). The symbol can then be re-sized proportionately with reader font re-sizing.


      However ....


      On the Simple Touch, my custom font is nicely displayed in both 'publisher default' and non-default mode.


      But on the color device I only see the custom glyph in 'publisher-default' mode. In the other mode I see the ascii character corresponding to the assigned character number.


      Specifically, the Wen symbol is either displayed correctly (as a sort of Runic 'thorn'), or as a P. Three ladybug-styled logo glyphs are displayed correctly, or not, as M, N ....


      (1)Why the difference in behavior between Nooks ?


      (2) Can publisher default be set in code, in the ePub?


      (3) I could used JPGs or PNG images for these items, but the reader experience isn't seamless since , if the reader increases the font size, the image (of the symbol) just remains the same size, which is not ideal since the image is positioned in the text line and is intended to be read in that manner.


      Any thoughts?


      (The free sample contains one instance of the issue, in the dedication page).