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    Charging problems

      My Nook HD+ has quit charging while attached to my computer. It did before but no longer does. It doesn't have a full charge but is at 42%. It charges fine from electricity. Anyone know what is going on with that. I'm using cords that came with my Nook
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          Mine does not charge from the cable connection to the PC.  The User Guide says that the the connection to you PC may not fully charge the Nook. I'll try connecting mine to another PC is see if that works.

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              Thank you.  I gave my Nook HD+ a full charge then hooked it up to my computer.  It said it was discharging but after an hour I still had 100% so i assume from that it had to be charging but when i went into setting it said that it was discharging and the little indecater didn't have the charging icon. 

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                  I tried three other PCs, one Windows 7, one Windows XP, and another Windows 2000.  None gave an indication that it was charging.


                  I'll try the same as you tried to see if it gains or loses over a longer time period.  The USB connection only supplies 500 milliamps.  If that is more than what the Nook HD+ draws while in use, the battery should gain slowly.

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                Here's my take on this.


                Note: I'm saying this after having HD and HD+ for 2+ months and NEVER using wall charger on it. I have them plugged into USB 3.0 ports.




                1) If your Nook HD and HD+  are plugged into a USB port that provides enough power, they will charge

                PROVIDED you are not using them.


                My understanding is that USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 high speed ports should work.


                2) If your Nook HD and HD+ are plugged into a USB port and they are turned off, they might not charge. My understanding (based on comments on the forums) is that they must be on and in sleep mode to charge from USB.


                3) It's quite possible that you have two different types of USB posts on your PC (high power and low power) and that using the high power ports would work.


                This is for USB 2.0. If you have USB 3.0 ports they should work.